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iAtkos Lion L1 install from USB – Convert DMG to USB

Convert DMG to USB showing how to use the image of iAtkos to boot from USB instead of burning a DVD and install OSX on your Hackintosh

Sacar as Gravações da Meobox

Como Ripar as Gravações do Meo ou da Zon usando um gravador de DVD de sala e depois ripar o DVD para ficheiro para o disco do PC .

Ligamos o gravador via ficha Scart 21 pinos ou RCAs , no gravador de DVD selecionamos o input/fonte a MeoBox ou ZonBox e colocamos a gravar. Depois do DVD gravado com o programa desejado , vamos ripar para ficheiro para o nosso pc ou mac .

How to Dual boot Windows 7 and OS X Lion with EasyBCD

This is how I did it.
1st create 2 partitions
2nd instal Lion OSX (+ Chameleon)
3rd install Win 7
4th See the video how to edit EASYbcd
Enjoy Dual Boot —-> Choose your poison .

LG TVs – USB Connectivity and DivX HD Playback


1st we have to downgrade to firmware v03.15.00 !

Tested LG Models :

32LF2500 37LF2500 42LF2500
19LH2000 22LH2000 26LH2000 32LH2000 37LH2000 42LH2000
32LH3000 37LH3000 42LH3000 47LH3000
32LH4000 37LH4000 42LH4000 47LH4000
32LH5000 37LH5000 42LH5000 47LH5000
32LH7000 37LH7000 42LH7000 47LH7000
19LU4000 22LU4000 26LU4000
19LU5000 22LU5000 26LU5000

Extract the firmware to your FAT USB , firmware has to be inside folder “LG_DTV”

Press menu on remote and go to options but don’t press ok, now press 7 times on the fav button now a screen apears with Software update (Expert) download version v03.15.00 and put it on a usb stick now the TV will see the file press ok and it wil downgrade or upgrade to v03.15.00.

Now The Service menu works again.
To acces Servicemenu press ok (on TV) + ok (on remote) for 5sec (same time) and a pw screen apears

pw= 0000 (this you need to enable usb and xvid-mkv playback)

Go to option number 3 and set jpeg,mp3 to 1 and divx/xvid to HD.

For in-start (servicemenu)use the menu + menu buttons also 5sec and a pw screen apears pw=0000

Real servicemenu dont use this.

So here is now mkv and xvid enabled!

.MKV ” if HD is enabled in your DivX TV it will also play:- .MKV (wont play DTS audio though) 720p or 1080p
and 720p or 1080p versions of the above codecs/files

.WMV (Windows Media Player)
.ISO (Images of disc)
.BIN (Image of disc)
.MOV (QuickTime Movies)

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